Gaggia Coffee Machine

There is quite a nostalgia deriving from the café bars of the ’60s and ’70s. There was a positive vibe in a new optimistic age – and that is how these red seats with white plastic piping looked like. A red Gaggia Coffee Machine still spreads this optmistic flair with its modern chrome – and it also sounds modern, producing steam when it gets the coffee ready for you to enjoy.

Today’s World of overwhelming Possibilities

In earlier days these coffee machines were really something special – not everyone could just purchase it from the next modern warehouse! It was something you saved your money for and then made it a gift to yourself and your beloved ones. Today is different. There are so many more possibilities since the range of things we may buy is huge, the prices are very different, and almost anyone is able to get much more than it would have been possible back in those older days. Looking at a shop for kitchen ware, there are dozens of coffee machines to purchase. Back in the coffee shop, you may choose between thirty different sorts of coffee – and you haven’t even thought of the different toppings and aromas yet!

Modern Charm meets a certain Age

The unique flair of an antique coffee machine does not really match with our modern times. It is decoration and it is nice to look at – but the old “Wow!” is not present anymore. The older coffee houses of London still have the original Gaggia Coffee Machine. The certain charm this coffee machine still passes out into the room may probably touch you as a customer much more than the one in the Starbucks Coffee right around the corner. Despite of its age it looks marvelous, appreciated and thoroughly polished by its owners. It is an old lady with a story to tell.

The Story behind

The Italian Achille Gaggia invented the first modern coffee machine before the outbreak of World War Two. When war was over, Mr. Gaggia led his own company which produced the famous red-coloured Gaggia Coffee Machines and finally many other distinctive espresso and cappuccino machines.

Welcome to the 21. Century: The Gaggia Titanium

The relatively modern Gaggia Titanium Coffee Machine is an automatic espresso machine that not only is a very convenient tool in your kitchen, but also looks pretty with its stainless steel facade. This way, the future of coffee brewing enters our homes. With the help of a timer the coffee will be prepared whenever you want: You may enjoy a freshly brewed capuccino in the morning without pressing a button, without waiting, without any preparation. A wonderful experience which is not that cheap, but worth the feeling of pure extravagance!