Cooking Equipment

Before you start throwing sugar, oil and flour around, it is important to have a closer look at your cooking equipment, since you do not want to produce something even your dog would not eat, but something which brings joyful producing AND eating!

If you cannot distinguish between a fish and a butter knife, do not despair! If you are accustomed to have lunch and dinner at restaurants or to order your fast food meals everyday, you do not have to panic when it comes down to real cooking in your own kitchen! Even more: Cooking may finally become a new passion for you and your lifeless kitchen – and your kitchen actually may become a place of culinary heydays with a shelf full of must-have cooking utensils!

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Knives and Spoons in Focus

The most essential pieces of cooking utensils are spoons, knives and forks – not those that you use to eat your dinner with, but special instruments that support you and your cooking.

Let us talk about spoons: There are certain types of them – we will start with a full set of measuring spoons. These spoons are available in many different sizes, so be sure to buy an entire set to ensure to have a one-eight teaspoon or a full-on serving spoon ready at hand when you are in need of it. Stirring spoons are also essential. They are made of wood, teflon and metal. It is advisable to get several ones of each material, all with and without slots.

Knives often come along in a collection stored in a wooden block that not only is, but looks rather professional. These blocks usually feature paring knives, utility knives, steak knives, bread knives, chef knives and a meat cleaver – especially the latter ones make cooking an event of its own!

Once your kitchen is equipped with these essential cooking utensils, you are well prepared to become the chef de cuisine!

What would your Kitchen be without Pots and Pans?

As essential as spoons and knives is the “hardware” cooking equipment in a kitchen: Pots and pans. There are different pans: You may create healthier meals by using non-stick pans since they do not require much cooking oil when in use. The stainless steel pans are cheap, but not that easy to keep clean. Cast iron and copper pans are more easily to clean, but they are also quite expensive. It is always good to be equipped with several sizes – and a wok, a nowadays quite trendy cooking utensil that helps you to produce healthy, quick, and simple meals.

An important Medley

At last you need a colorful medley of little helpers. Without them your kitchen would not be very useful! Whisks, tongs and measuring cups as well as a cheese grater, a colander, and a potato peeler are of an absolute necessity! And there are other tools such as baking pans, casserole dishes or a baking stone to create your specialities with!