Cooking Grills

When the term “barbecue” appears you start thinking of warm summer evenings, friends and laughter, some good red wine, and the homy smell of sausages, steaks, and vegetables on your barbecue grill. Do you want this magic to reenter your garden right now just hearing of it? Having a barbecue is not only a tradition – it may be a real passion, too! So, put your “Barbecue Master”-cooking apron on and have a go! Grilling is not only fun – it is healthy, too, when your make sure not to burn your food and also to use iron grids instead of stainless steel grates, since the iron will improve your nutrient balance!

Which Grill to choose – Charcoal, Gas or Infrared?

But which cooking grill buddy should you choose? Either the gas-fueled one or the charcoal grill? Most common is the use of charcoal in grills of brick or steel, but there is also the recent invention of infrared grilling which guarantees an even heating, a control over the heat, and the direct grilling or searing of the food.

Grills differ in size and price a lot: There are cooking grills you can feed an entire football club (with its advisers and substitutes!) or just you and your girlfriend with while you are hiking in the mountains.

The kettle grill has a lid. By that you will not get harmed by any flare-ups from dripping grease. In addition to that the heat circulates evenly in a closed grill. The brazier grill does not have a lid, but is quite a cheap alternative to the kettle grill. There are grills on wheels you may push around – and to avoid any sunburns or just make it possible to have a barbecue in the Christmas season you may also buy an indoor grill!

Simple and smart

The principle is as simple as it is smart: You put your culinary grill items of choice onto a grid and let some radiant heat from below do the rest of the work for you. Of course, you may marinate your food in a previous step, put some feta cheese into aluminum foil or create some lovely sticks of onions, pepper and fish – this not only sounds delicious! The cooking grill will heat and, depending if your grill got a lid or not, also smoke your food. You may take a pot, put some food in it and let it heat on your grill.

A flattop grill is a smart investment if you want to use your grill for more than just a ribbon steak – on its surface you may toast, bake and fry as well. Or you purchase a salamander which is an infrared grill that looks like an oven, but hasn’t got a front door. It can be used for grilling as well as for creating lovely desserts. Another healthy variation of grilling is to put your food onto a hot stone. Doesn’t all this sound quite yummy?