Cooking Utensils

Is there really a difference between cooking with new and old cook utensils? Or is it just the cooking chefs of the glitterung glamour world that make us believe that the modern silicon spoon is much better than the old wooden one to earn even more money helping kitchenware companies to sell their products?

Back to the Roots: Get your Senses together!

If you do not own the right cooking utensils you will, indeed, have kind of a problem: What do you do if you want to peel potatoes without a knife or an appropriate potato peeler?

Let us get back to the roots of it all: It is not only the mouth that eats food – it is our physical and emotional senses. We smell food, we see and then actually touch and taste it, form an opinion about it, feel happiness or even disgust.

Is there an optimal size or shape for food? To get the answer to this significant question we have to take a look at the Chinese cuisine. The center of it all is our brain, every stimulation is part of a complex construct. This is what Chinese cooking chefs are aware of: Their recipes emphasize the importance of presentation.

Knowing how to chop

It seems kind of ridiculous at first place, but if you cannot use a knife properly you will not enjoy your meal – or even hurt yourself! So, be aware: The right handling of your cooking utensils decides about everything! Start flipping through a catalogue of kitchen ware or the recent book by Jamie Oliver – and get inspired! Who knows with which first culinary delicacy you will hit the bull’s eye?

How to become a Master of your Kitchen

What you need most is a certain passion for the procedure and the result of your cooking. It is “not just food” what you deal with – it is your personal masterpiece, every single day! You will learn new things every week: John Doe will not need more than the average range of cooking utensils at home, but the experts want more! Remember the Chinese kitchen: There is a difference between slicing an onion just for having it done or keeping in mind the consequences of how you slice it and then doing it “the right way”. Will the flavor be the same in both ways? Will it look alike both ways? The answer is a clear “No”!

The Coolness of the right Choice

Your recipe shows you which set of cooking utensils it requires. If your are not satisfied with what you see you may reassure yourself or even find an alternative using the internet. When you rely on the instructions and furthermore on the experts’ opinions your friends and family may in the end be very proud to know a smart cook – isn’t that a real cool motivation?