Coffee Grinder

The taste of coffee directly brewed from freashly grinded beans is absolutely unbeatable! The process starts by putting the intact beans into the upper side of the coffee grinder – that is when you finally feel that peaceful connection to your kitchen: This is getting back to the roots. When you start moving the crank of the coffee grinder, a delicious smell makes you yearn for even more. Well, the sound of the beans cracking is not as harmonically, but you will put up with it bravely – and at the end you will see the powder, be satisfied with all your senses and go ahead brewing IT!

Why should you?

Coffee Grinder

Bladeless Grinder

Drinking lots of coffee is not the healthiest way to live your life, but the smell of fresh coffee makes you feel so much at home – it delivers a certain kind of happiness. If your are involved in the process of producing, this feeling becomes even more enchanting.

A Coffee Grinder: What a lovely Present

Coffee grinders make a lovely gift: They are charming. As antique coffee machines and pots they tell a stoy of their own and by their age give you this feeling of being young and somehow even sheltered. When you hand it over to a friend or a family member on his or her birthday party, it is likely to happen that soon you will have this wonderful smell of freshley grinded beans in your nose. Wouldn’t that be a real highlight?

You may purchase a grinder at any kitchen warehouse. The prices differ a lot and you will defintively get something cute for low. Just do it! You may give it away on Christmas or at a birthday party as well as at a wedding or a housewarming party – your beloved will love it!