Cooking Pot – Cooking Pots

When you open your kitchen cupboards you see that there is not only one kind of kitchen pots, but several in there. The question is: What is so special about everyone of them? First of all, it is important that the cooking pots are made of a material that is either neutral or inert. The professional cook wants a pot that ensures to conduct heat efficiently for a steady boiling or simmering. In addition to that, a good cooking pot should not peel, crack or even become the source for any germs.

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Furthermore, you want cooking utensils that are easy to handle, of low weight, easy to keep clean, and above all not too expensive – and it is so much better if they have got an elegant look as well! Remember: Cooking, in fact, is an important part in our lives and the cooking utensils are daily companions – they are worth a certain investment!

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Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Enamel cooking pots

The market offers cooking pots that are laminated by aluminum or stainless steel. These products help to protect the cooking surfaces of the pots. They also keep you from any metallic residual material. An important note on health: It is a bit risky to use aluminum cooking pots since they contain arsenic and fluorides. Food with a certain acid content like tomatoes or vinegar may damage these pots, some aluminum could intermingle with the food. Enameled pots are produced with a very hard finish and therefore are of a high class material which leaves no space for oxidization or peeling. Please note: If you put cooking oil into your pots before cooking, the inner surfaces of the materials will be additionally guarded.

Ironware and Cast Iron Cooking Pots

The weight of ironware cooking pots is beyond dispute. In addition to that, ironware is not that easy to clean. Nevertheless, it may be very useful concerning your and your families’ daily iron intake: Cast iron cooking pots may let out a certain amount of iron oxide during cooking. The pots also hold their warmth longer than other ones. This way ironware is not only useful considering practical, but also economical aspects, although the financial investment may seem to be a bit high at first sight.

Cooking Pots made of Copper

Cooking pots made of copper are very efficient implements regarding their conductive material. They protect you better than any other pots from getting in touch with harmful bacteria. They are of a soft material: Copper pots easily get scratches and look kind of baggy. Copper is expensive, but apart from all its downsides: It definitively looks very pretty on every kitchen shelf!

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A Note on Cleaning

Every kind of pot has to be cleaned and stored safely. It is a good advice not to use any rough scouring pads or cleaners to keep the material neat and shiny, but soap and some soft cloths. It is always better to use new pots instead of old ones (cast-iron cooking pots are excluded from this rule).